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Solar Panels in Mountains

Unlocking and creating sustainable value for B2B Tech companies. In Asia and beyond.

Entrepreneurial Capital

At Hugo Capital Partners we work hand in hand with executive teams & boards to address business critical themes around operational value creation, capital allocation, financing/M&A and how to transform in a sustainable way.

We are first operators and then investors.

We make fewer investments than our peers and only partner up with entrepreneurs that have ambitions to build regional or global category-leading businesses.

Mountain Lake

Why we are different

Transformational DNA

Our DNA encapsulates transformation. We are not in the business of managing the status quo.

Unique experience and track record

We possess a unique blend of private equity investment and C-level operating track record with start-ups and blue chip MNCs.

We have been there

We know the operational trenches ourselves and the prospects and risks that lie in transforming the business.

Building bridges with Asia

We bridge the European and Asian ecosystem with a wide corporate, client and investor network

Understanding both worlds

We connect the traditional B2B world with our horizontal tech experience around Artificial Intelligence, IoT and tech business models.


We work hand-in hand with our partners and empower the team with our experience to create bottom line impact.

Healthy green trees in a forest of old spruce, fir and pine trees in wilderness of a natio

We work together with people that are changing the status quo and have the courage to defy conventional wisdom in their industry.

What we believe in


We mean what we say and know what we don't know.


We bring a diverse and international mindset to the table which gives us an edge in dealing with complexity and cultural ambiguities.

Clean Tech Investments
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