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Why partner up with us

Entrepreneurial Capital
We have identified investment themes that are supported by long-term secular growth, have a sustainable impact on the environment and society at large and where we have distinctive capabilities and track record.

Energy transition

Renewables & Clean Tech: We draw on commercial, technical, and
regulatory expertise to help identify the right strategies, investments, and
operating model around low-carbon and renewable energy.

Decarbonization: Decarbonization can deliver up to $26 trillion in economic
gains by 2030. We look at legacy industries to identify and implement high
impact decarbonization business models.

Industrial Tech

Automation & Robotics: The adoption of smart factory technologies, the
spread of 5G, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the adoption of
Artificial Intelligence will accelerate in in the coming years.

Automotive & EV / e-mobility: The electrification of two and four wheelers
and the digitization of business models in the space is creating growth opportunities as well as technical and regulatory challenges that need to be

B2B Tech

Enterprise Tech: Solving complex enterprise problems increasingly require
intelligent technologies like AI/ Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics, IoT and

Healthtech: The Health tech market is projected to double until 2025 in SEA
alone, as technology enables swathes of SEA’s population to leapfrog
healthcare access hurdles, manage healthcare needs and improve their
quality of life.

Shot of Modern Data Center With Multiple Rows of Fully Operational Server Racks. Modern Hi

When do we feel comfortable to invest?

Business is aligned with our key capabilities and

Distinctive moat vs. competitive offering or status quo solution

Technology somewhat proven and validated by key customers

Strong leadership team with “fire in their belly”

Initial product / market fit in home or key markets

Path to profitability

Clean Tech Investments
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